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ENCAPTURE Hair Salon & More: Beauty, Art, and Innovation

Under the guidance of Marco Gilento, Encapture Hair Salon & More stands out on Lake Como, blending Italian historical charm with luxury and international appeal. Marco, driven by a deep passion for beauty and fashion, has infused Encapture with his experience from fashion show backstages in London, Paris, and Milan. This background is the beating heart of Encapture, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a personalized beauty experience in Como. Every detail of our salon is designed to reflect this heritage: from welcoming spaces to a selection of premium products, everything is aimed at offering transformations that surprise and enchant.

Personalized care is guaranteed by dedicated beauty consultants, ready to turn every appointment into a unique moment, where each client is the focus of attention. 


Innovation in Elegance

Encapture is where elegance meets innovation, creating boundless experiences. From the charm of our salon overlooking Lake Como to our digital presence, everything is focused on immersing you in a world of beauty. We invite you to explore the care and attention that define every encounter with us.

Whether you're seated in our salon with a lake view or browsing our online selection, your satisfaction guides every choice we make. Encapture is our commitment to excellence and personalization, open to all those seeking the best in aesthetics.

Come discover a unique beauty experience. Visit ENCAPTURE STORE to begin.




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