Luna 3 plus a face cleansing brush

Size: Skin
Enjoy a warm face cleansing and a spa massage in the comfort of your own home. Specially designed with T-Sonic pulse and velvety soft silicone, which is resistant to bacteria and 35 times more hygienic than nylon brushes. Reverse it to firm, make your face and neck to elastic and carry your neck with a quick micro. It also relaxes facial muscle tension points, while pushing the active ingredients from your care deep into the skin - where they work best. What makes it unique? • • clinically, that it removes 99.5% of dirt, sebum and leather makeup residues. • Gently warms the skin to temporarily expand the pores, dissolving imprisoned impurities deeply imprisoned. • microficoes stretch and lifting the skin and smooth out small lines and wrinkles. • massages the face to relax the muscles and improve microcirculation to get a lighter complexion. • Extremely soft silicone protrusions gently exfoliate the dead skin, without clapping it. • 16 levels of intensity, ergonomic and light Construction, with care procedures controlled by the application. Why will your skin love it? • Deep purification The delicate heat of thermotherapy dissolves 99 , 5% dirt, oil and makeup residues with precise thermo -cleaning. 100% of users reported better results after cleaning with Luna 3 Plus. (Based on clinical trials of other companies). • TENSITY AND FIRTMENT Adjust the intensity of targeted microhrral to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth out small lines. 90% of users say that the skin is firmer, and 100% claims that their skin is more refreshed after use. (Based on clinical trials of other companies). • Healthy glow T-Sonic pulsations gently massage the face to stimulate microcirculation. This provides oxygen and nutrients for skin cells, eliminating toxins, providing a healthier complexion. 100% of users say that the skin is more radiant and 98% claims that their skin looks better. (On the attitude of consumer tests of other companies). • Flakeless preparation Luna 3 Plus enables active ingredients of creams, serum and masks to penetrate deep into the skin, where they work best. 98% of users experience better absorption of skin care products after using the brush. (Based on consumer tests of other companies). • For all skin types Select Luna 3 Plus to normal or sensitive skin and adjust your care routine in the Foreo application. Choose from many intensity and targeted micro -procedures. > • Travel case • Short user manual • General instructions Usage: Start by unlocking the device and registering the warranty via the Foreo for You application. Moop the face and apply the cleaning agent. Wet Luna 3 Plus and press the universal button to turn on the device. Move the device with circular motions on the face until the skin is cleaned, for no more than 1 minute. Press the universal button for 3 seconds to turn off the device. Rinse the face and device, then dry them. Apply a thin layer of foreo serum to clean, dry skin. Follow the instructions in the Foreo application to activate the preferred treatment with micro. Then use the selected moisturizing cream.

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Size: Skin

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