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Filorga NCEF-Night Mask Supreme Multi-Correction Night Mask helps revitalize the skin during the night lending the complexion a radiant and well-rested look in the morning.


Filorga NCEF-Night Mask Supreme Multi-Correction Night Mask combines a revitalizing action with anti-wrinkle and firming properties. With a unique formula, inspired by aesthetic medicine, it provides the skin the benefits of a full 8-hour sleep cure. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid only improve hydration levels but also boost firmness and smooth wrinkles lending the complexion a radiant and younger look. M-CX helps the skin recover during the night protecting it from oxidative stress during the day. NCEF is able to enhance the overall appearance of the skin and lend the complexion a rejuvenated and revitalized look.

All in all, this night mask helps revitalize the skin during the night and lend the complexion a radiant and well-rested look in the morning. With a fresh gel texture, it is suitable to use from once a week to every day. After seven days of use, 79% of the users declared the skin was smoother, 76% stated the skin was softer, and 70% noticed rested features.


Ingredientes: aqua, glicerina, triglicérido caprílico/caprico, propilenglicol, poliacrilato de sodio, butilenglicol, extracto de corteza de árbol de seda (albizia julibrissin), copolímero acriloildimetiltaurato de amonio/vp, escualano, propanediol, cloruro de sodio, 1-2-hexanediol, dicaprilato/dicaprato propilenglicol, almidón poliacrilato de sodio, perfume (fragancia), palmitato de sucrosa, clorfenesina, acetato de tocoferilo, copolímero de acrilato de hidroxietilo/taurato de acriloildimetil de sodio, isohexadecano, glucosa o-cy-men-5-ol, linoleato de glicerilo, aceite de almendra dulce (prunus amygdalus dulcis), extracto de semilla de barbasco (tephrosia purpurea), edta disódico, cloruro de potasio, carbomer, lactato de sodio, cloruro de calcio, polisorbato-60, polisorbato-20, sulfuro de magnesio, glutamina, isoestearato de sorbitano, fosfato de sodio, benzoato de sodio, fenoxietanol, hialuronato de sodio, ácido ascórbico, acetato de sodio, ácido cítrico, hidrocloruro de lisina, hidrocloruro de arginina, alanina, hidrocloruro de histidina, valina, sorbato de potasio, leucina, treonina, isoleucina, triptofano, fenilalanina, tirosina, glicina, polisorbato-80, serina, cistina, cianocobalamina, gluthationa, asparagina, ácido aspártico, hidrocloruro de ornitina, ácido glutámico, nicotinamide adenina dinucleotido, prolina, metionina, taurina, hidroxiprolina, hidrocloruro de glucosamina, tocoferol, coenzima a, tripéptido-1 palmitoil, glucuronato de sodio, tetrapéptido-7 palmitoil, difosfato de tiamina, acetato de retinilo, inositol, niacina, niacinamida, hidrocloruro de piridoxina, biotina, pantotenato de calcio, riboflavina, fosfato de tocoferilo sódico, hidrocloruro de tiamina, ácido fólico.

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Size: 50 ml

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