NCEF-REVERSE supreme multi-correction cream

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Size: 50 ml

Filorga NCEF-Reverse Supreme Multi-Correction Cream is ideal to repair and revitalize the skin during stressful periods. It helps reduce signs of aging and fatigue and lends the complexion a luminous and younger look.


Filorga NCEF-Reverse Supreme Multi-Correction Cream is a nourishing antiaging cream that tackles signs of aging and fatigue and lends the complexion a luminous and younger look. It is, therefore, ideal to help repair and revitalize the complexion during stressful periods. With Hyaluronic Acid and Matrikines, it helps hydrate and also visibly plump the skin. With Collagen combined with a collagen booster, it enhances the skin's collagen production for firmer and smoother skin. Enriched with Vitamins and soft-focus agents, it helps protect the skin and instantly illuminate the complexion. And, also ultra-concentrated in NCEF, it is able to enhance the overall appearance of the skin, rejuvenating and reviving the complexion. With an ultra-comfortable texture, that immediately nourishes and comforts the skin, it is ideal to renew the skin and lend the complexion a radiant, revitalized and younger look.


Ingredientes: aqua, glicerina, manteca de karité (butyrospermum parkii), propanediol, metacrilato polimetil, manuronato metilsilanol, alcohol cetílico, silicato aluminio sodio y potasio, dimeticona, metilpropanediol, cloruro de sodio, fenoxietanol, butilenglicol, ci77891 (dióxido de titanio), sílice, crospolímero-6 poliacrilato, perfume (fragancia), copolímero de hidroxietil acrilato/taurato de acriloildimetil de sodio, palmitato de sucrosa, acetato de tocoferilo, aceite de ricino peg-20, salicilato de etilhexilo, clorfenesina, ácido hialurónico hidrolizado, alcohol desnaturalizado, glucosa, edta disódico, linoleato de glicerilo, aceite de almendra dulce (prunus amygdalus dulcis), metoxidibenzoilmetano de butilo, cloruro de potasio, siringilidenemalonato dietilhexil, carbomer, aceite de ricino hidrogenado peg-60, lactato de sodio, cloruro de calcio, aceite de maíz (zea mays), alcohol benzílico, polisorbato 60, isoestearato de sorbitano, hidróxido de sodio, dipéptido diaminobutiroil benzilamida diacetato, extracto de hoja de haberlea (haberlea rhodopensis), polisorbato 20, sulfato de magnesio, glutamina, ácido cítrico, fosfato de sodio, inositol, pantotenato de calcio, retinol, alcohol t-butil, hialuronato de sodio, citrato de sodio, ácido ascórbico, acetato de sodio, benzoato de sodio, colágeno soluble, sorbato de potasio, hidrocloruro de lisina, aceite de semilla de rosa mosqueta (rosa moschata), arginina, alanina, ácido dehidroacético, histidina, valina, leucina, treonina, isoleucina, triptofano, fenilalanina, tirosina, glicina, polisorbato-80, serina, deoxiadenosina, cistina, cianocobalamina, deoxicitidina, deoxiguanosina, deoxitimidina, glutationa, asparagina, ácido aspártico, ornitina, ácido glutámico, nicotinamida adenina dinucleótido, ci17200 (rojo 33), acetato de retinilo, trifosfato uridina sodio, deoxicitidina metil, niacina, niacinamida, ácido fólico, riboflavina, 5-fosfato piridoxal, hidrocloruro de piridoxina, fosfato de tocoferilo.

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Size: 50 ml

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